Jo's Devotions: Own Your Frontline

Jo’s Devotions: Own Your Frontline

One of the trending terms 2020 has exposed all of us to is ‘frontline workers’. Honestly, if it weren’t for the pandemic, I never would have known that word. For this period, frontline workers refer to all health workers and essential service providers who risk their lives each day to treat the infected people whose numbers don’t seem to be declining.

A devotional series I came across on YouVersion called Fruitfulness on the Frontline Prayer Journey made me realize that we all have our frontlines; critical positions we have been placed to have maximum impact on people and influence on decisions.

We are mostly distracted from the significance of our frontlines by focusing on how unfair our working conditions are and comparing ourselves to others. Life is unfair, let’s face it. No matter how many times we move, the grass will always appear greener on the other side.

Regardless, if we surrender ourselves to live by God’s will, see life through His eyes, we will discover that He is working His purpose out in us through our life journey. No matter the unpleasant places we might find ourselves, God expects us to be fruitful on our frontlines – at home, work, church, wherever you have the opportunity to make our lights shine for Christ.

Thus, let’s see ourselves as essential service providers – and our essence depends on our fruitfulness. In the world we live in, some people know about God and are still hesitating to take the next step to know Him personally. And we the global community of believers are the ones who could persuade or encourage them to do so. No matter our job description, we are to show the love of God to the people we come into contact with. It doesn’t start and end with nice and polite; being honest and diligent also count.

Normalize praying for people on your frontline. Remember, we are not fixers; only God is able to mend broken people. We are to avail ourselves to be God’s hands and feet and show them how purposeful their lives can be in Christ.

Own your frontline. Be proud of it. You are essential. Souls are counting on you to reach out to them.

© Josephine Amoako 2020