“In This Moment,” the new EP by acclaimed hip hop artist Legin is more than a collection of songs. From discussion about race relations to a cry for justice, the tracks reflect his work coordinating a prayer march in Norfolk Virginia, following the death of George Floyd. The event brought more than 100 churches and 5000 people together in a show of unity.

On this week’s episode of Between You & Me, Legin is full of wisdom about the EP, and the issues that affect his life as a black man and father. He discusses what happens when Christians make a God of politics and opens up about the personal cost of being a trusted black voice in a primarily white Evangelical space. He also explains the toll racial reconciliation can take on your mental health and how this helped to form “In This Moment.”

If you listen to one episode this year, this is it. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast and Stitcher.

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