An Introduction To Jenna Parr

An Introduction To Jenna Parr

Meet Jenna Parr, a rising Christian artist from Georgia, who has made her way to the top of the music charts with singles such as “God’s Got This”, “Made For More”, and “Break Me”. Once again Jenna’s newest single “Those Eyes” has topped the Christian charts in such a short period of time. Her awaited music video for “Those Eyes” debuted this August and has all the rage. So, JesusWired thought it would be neat to give Jenna the opportunity to share more about herself and her music via email. 

What are three things you want the JesusWired community, and the general public, to know about Jenna Parr? 

 First off, one funny thing about me is that I’m a pretty shy person. This always surprises people because I can get on stage and perform in front of hundreds of people, but I’m super awkward and shy when I try to have simple, easy conversations with people. Secondly, another interesting fact about me is that I’m a total gym rat. I love working out. My parents have owned several gyms in my lifetime, so a gym is basically a second home to me. Lastly, according to most people, I’m crazy for what I’m about to say. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love scary movies, costumes, and fall time. It’s truly the best season. 

 Can you share the first song you ever sang and/or wrote? 

 The first song I ever wrote and recorded was “God’s Got This,” and it’s the title track off of my first EP. The idea was inspired by my pastor’s wife who battled cancer. Throughout her entire journey with the illness, she would say the phrase “God’s Got This.” Seeing the joyful look on her face and hearing her worryless words really inspired me and drew me closer to God. I love singing this song all over the country and telling people that God is always there for them and that they have nothing to worry about. 

 Who are your musical influences? Why? 

 For this specific album, my influences were Skillet, Red, Flyleaf, and Ledger. I wanted to incorporate powerful vocals like Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) and Jen Ledger (Ledger) and the use of strings like Skillet and Red. Other influences outside of this album and for future albums are Halestorm (Lzzy Hale is an insane vocalist), Heart, Journey, and Motley Crue. I absolutely LOVE 80s rock and plan on incorporating aspects of it into my future music. 

 What made you transition from being a worship singer at church to being a rising recording artist? 

 Ever since I was little, I had wanted to be a singer, so I figured why not chase that dream and do it for the Lord at the same time. All throughout middle school and high school, I lead the youth worship band at my church. About halfway through high school, I decided that I wanted to sing for the Lord in other places besides my church. So, I started writing my own music and performing at several churches, festivals, and amusement parks. When I graduated, I decided that college wasn’t for me and that I wanted to keep pursuing my dream. 

 How does it feel to be featured on the radio and the top Christian rock charts? Did you ever expect that to happen so soon? 

 I didn’t expect it at all and am still shocked by it. Obviously, every artist wants their music to do well, so I had hopes that it would make it onto some charts, but I totally didn’t expect it to hit #1 on several charts. Thank you so much to everyone who is streaming and requesting my songs to their favorite radio stations!! And thank you to stations for playing them!! 

 Is there a specific Scripture or personal experience that inspired you to write “Those Eyes”? 

 About two years ago, I sat down one night to read my daily devotional, and this one in particular caught my attention. It talked about that as Christians, we need to watch our actions and words because there’s always someone watching us. My label-mate Matt Lane (of Heroz Dawn) and I wrote “Those Eyes” about those people. Both Christians and non-believers are watching us because they know we’re supposed to look and act differently from others. Some of those people are waiting for us to fail and trip up and may even want to bring us down, but we, as Christians, know that Jesus is right there to pick us back up. We know that in the end, He has the victory. 

 What do you hope listeners gain from your lyrics and music? 

 I hope that my music will bring someone closer to Jesus. I want them to know Jesus’s unconditional love and forgiveness and that they’re never alone. Times will get tough, but Jesus is always there to help them through it.  

 Do you have any advice for someone who feels the Holy Spirit prompting him/her to take action and being obedient to the calling? 

 Don’t be scared to step out and be bold. There’s always going to be people out there that will try to hold you back, but don’t let them. If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you, then go for it. Also, don’t use the excuse that you’re not good enough or talented enough to hold you back. If God’s calling you to do something, then you are fully equipped for the mission. Trust in Him. 

 If you weren’t pursuing a career music, what would be your ideal profession? Why?  

 My passion in life other than music is fashion. If I wasn’t pursuing my music career, I would most likely be studying fashion and maybe even opening my own clothing store. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved fashion and dressed differently from everyone else. I also have very entrepreneurial parents, so it’s in my blood to want to open my own business. A clothing store would be the perfect fit for me. 

 Just for Fun: Since The Worshicken is currently a phenomenon, how would you feel about him and his chicken friends covering one of your songs? 

 That would be hilarious. I would love that! 


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