The Midnight Wedding Swear They'll Do Better in I Swear

The Midnight Wedding Swear to Rise Above the Struggle in I Swear

The Midnight Wedding has just released a music video for their new song “I Swear.” The beginning dialogue echoes Romans 7, and the struggle to do the good we want and abstain from doing the wrong we abhor. How many times have we said, “I swear, I’ll make a change.” “I swear I’ll do better.” “I swear I’ll make the right choice next time.” But like an addict who has become wired to choose the high over anything else, we have become wired to choose the desires of our flesh, even if we know it’s not the right decision. “I Swear” brings all those thoughts to mind and convicts the listener. It is not by our own strength that we can will ourselves to be better, but it is Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His gift of salvation, given freely, that can save us.

You can hear the passion in Brandon’s voice as he sings of these struggles, pleading, asking God to pay our unbearable debts. The music matches this passion. A strong pulse on the drums, a fiery guitar solo from Andrew Stanton, fervent backing vocals from Caitlin. The video also includes a captivating story line illustrating these struggles, and the tendency of human nature to go down the dark yet familiar path.

This song and video are some great work from The Midnight Wedding, and wonderful production from Joel Burris. This is just a taste of the album to come, and we can’t wait to hear more.

I Swear will releases September 4th with the full album Anthem For The Outcast slated for release early 2021.

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