Experience Trampolines's Friday Night Praise...on a Thursday? [Exclusive]

Experience Trampolines’s Friday Night Praise…on a Thursday? [Exclusive]

Wait, you can experience Trampolines’ new single Friday Night Praise a day early on a…Thursday? Why yes, yes you can! I’m glad you asked. You can hear Trampolines’ new single Friday Night Praise a day before it releases only here on JesusWired. You can even watch the brand new music video too, we’re just nice like that!

EDM worship outfit Trampolines are quickly making a name for themselves in the Christian music scene, bouncing in from seemingly nowhere. Apparently there are many people who want to join them in worshipping Jesus over phat phunky dance beats while losing their minds. It definitely sounds good to us!

The husband and wife duo Lane & Cary are back with the raucous new single Friday Night Praise, a track all about praising God on a Friday night at the “tip tip top of our lungs.” In the track Lane responds to comments that “hey [he] looks crazy” with “It’s like I’m on drugs but I’m not, I’ve got God, what you got man?” and their high energy and highly addictive personalities are definitely on full display throughout. Don’t expect anything super organised or structured here, this is complete and utter chaos…in the good “losing your mind while worshipping God” kinda way! I’m officially adding losing my mind with these two crazy cats to my bucket list!

Lane had the following to say about Friday Night Praise, “God is alive on the streets of the world. Not just the churches. Friday Night Praise is all about God, on the ground, in our world, and how our generation is fired up to bring his message even more into those spaces. We feel God’s love for people. All over, different people are going through different things. And we stand on that and stand up for it. This song is a braggy confident anthem which echoes our message as a band that we could not be any more stoked on what God is doing “in the streets.” The lyrics “it’s Jesus I’m praising, I’m prayin, sayin things hurtful to Satan, makin a way in the strangest of places.” rings true to our stance on kicking the devil’s hateful negative face right in the face.”

Friday Night Praise is a trippy, raucous Friday night anthem and the only drugs needed here may be painkillers after blasting this all night long. So, without further ado, it’s time to temporarily misplace those minds of yours and worship Jesus with all of your hearts…

If you missed their chat with JesusWired contributor Jess about everything from cultural sensitivity as missionaries, and overcoming addiction, to comparing Jesus to Chocolate Cake (yes really) and why CCM needs trap/hip hop then, er, click below. Links to listen on other platforms can be found here.

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