The Not-So-Quick Quick News 17

The Not-So-Quick Quick News 17

Here is a bumper crop of quick news updates for y’all to sift through…

Convictions have released a cover of Billie Eilish’s Everything I Wanted ahead of new original music coming soon.

That Above Only record is getting CLOSER!!!

Last song on the record.#2020

Posted by Above Only on Monday, August 3, 2020

Datin’s welcomes Knaladeus to his Menace Movement label. Get Knaladeus’ new single here here!

#MenaceMovement Welcomes Emcee / Producer Knaladeus to the team! Congratulate the homie and hit like on his page! ⁣His…

Posted by Datin on Friday, July 31, 2020

#MenaceMovement Welcomes Emcee / Producer Knaladeus to the team! Congratulate the homie and hit like on his page! ⁣His…

Posted by Datin on Friday, July 31, 2020

Aaron Ray’s new Break The Cycle single ft Matt Lane is available now.

I just got back a New SONG MASTER for this New project I can’t wait for you you guys to hear it! Btw it has a special…

Posted by Aaron Ray on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mr. Talkbox’s new Playlist album drops September 25th.

Randy Mason’s newest single Algo-Rhythm is out now. Get it here and listen below.

Tasha Layton was recently featured on The 700 Club detailing how an interrupted suicide turned in to a promising future. Watch it here.

The Solitude Project is out now! See the post below for details and stream it on spotify here.

Lauren Daigle was the first guest on the new season of Sadie Robertson’s Whoa That’s Good podcast. Check out the whole episode below!

Tenielle Neda is asking What Is My Hope? on her EP but, before that, shes hoping you’ll help her fund it on kickstarter. You can find out more here.

Remember the days where a new sampler album seem to drop ever few weeks? I miss a good sampler album so it goes without saying (although I’m going to say it anyway!) that I was all over the new sampler album from Solid State Records and Tooth & Nail. It introduced me to Idle Threat and Empty, who will it introduce you to? (go and check out Empty’s album Hope and the Loss of it, great stuff!)

5ive released his penultimate album Just The Two Of Us before he hangs up the mic with The Last Dance later this year. The newest release is a collaboartion with his teenage son Kyren James. You can get it here and see the tracklist below.

Mission’s new single Tru Talk Tony Vol 1’s out now. Get it here.

Chris Cobbins released some new art – Sketchbook, Page 1: Because the Summer… It’s available here.

After Levitating Low, Dillon Chase will be Grounded next.

Jay-Way’s No I’m Not Ok EP is out now. Check out the title track NINO below.

Eshon Burgundy droppa his Joppa album. Get it here.

A new single from Young Saint drops in just over 2 weeks.

We started cooking earlier this year!! Save the date 8.28.20! I’m dropping a new single ”Make It Alright ft. Greg Cox &…

Posted by Young Saint on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jamie Grace has a new song Breathe Deep coming soon

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new song “Breathe Deep,” coming soon!!

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Mob Millennium from the Hogmob crew is also coming soon

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?Who's ready???

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There’s a cool new remix of Fight The Fade’s Heart out now.

Matthew Parker has a new single coming out called Darling. I wonder what, or more accurately, who it could be about…

Announcing my August single “Darling”, coming out 8/21, only two weeks from yesterday! This is a good one and I think…

Posted by Matthew Parker on Saturday, August 8, 2020

A week after that Hillsong Young & Free are going out with All Of My Best Friends (my invite must have got lost in the post!).

Our new album #AllOfMyBestFriends — Available everywhere 8/28

Posted by Hillsong Young & Free on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Man of FAITH’s Hunnid On The Highway releases this Friday.

As does something new from PEABOD…


Posted by PEABOD on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Trampolines are also releasing the new bouncy single Friday Night Praise this Friday…but maybe you don’t have to wait until then to hear it…(find out tomorrow!). Pre-order the single here.

And to finish this bumper crop of news updates, an actual bumper. You’re welcome!