Jo's Devotions: The Grateful Therapy

Jo’s Devotions: The Grateful Therapy

In the heat of the pandemic year 2020 has been plagued with, one thing you will find in relative abundance is inspirational and motivational articles. Everyone would agree that we need some uplifting content to see us through these difficult times. And thanks to the millions of content creators around the world, there’s more than enough to pass around the globe.

One thing I’ve noticed in most of these articles is the recommendation to practice gratitude journaling. In Christian terms, we would call it ‘counting your blessings’. In a time when one is prone to give into the despair all around, one sure thing to keep our spirits up is to look at your world with ‘thankful’ lenses.

Regardless of the havoc the pandemic must have wrecked in your personal life or that of your loved ones, there are more than one thing to be grateful about. Instead of brooding over what we don’t have or have lost, choose to focus on what you do have and the opportunities that may have come your way in unexpected ways.

Whether you find yourself still under strict movement protocols or things are easing up where you are, choose to see the brighter side. Still have food in your pantry? Felt funny for a short well but soon felt okay? Be thankful for that. You still have a job although your salary has been slashed? Be grateful. Lost big contracts but somehow have some businesses coming in for you? Still able to graduate? That’s something to cheer yourself with.

Some people have been affected in graver ways and even they find something to stay grateful and hopeful about to keep on living. “As a man thinks, so is he,” the Bible says. If you think yourself as blessed enough to see today, so are you.

As you strive to keep yourself active with exercises and healthy eating, spiritually nourished with your daily quiet time, keep your soul lighthearted by wearing an attitude of gratitude daily. As you walk around with your nose mask on, be grateful for the ability to breathe on your own in spite of the discomfort you feel. Someone is on the brink of death, hoping that the ventilator would keep him alive till he gets better. Nose masks trump ventilators anytime, right? Next time you’re tempted to complain about wearing nose masks, remember the alternative and be thankful.

Commit to gratitude therapy for your own mental and emotional state. When your eyes pop open, say thank you to God who kept you alive. In your going out and coming in, mutter sighs of thanks to God for keeping you out of harm’s way. And when you retire to bed, keep thanking Him for seeing through another day.

Eat, live, pray gratitude.

© Josephine Amoako 2020