Review: Poetic Descent - Shallow Graves

Review: Poetic Descent – Shallow Graves

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Poetic Descent has just released a new single, “Shallow Graves,” featuring Paul Carnahan on vocals today. Penned by Jared Lacy, the lyrics are deep and thought-provoking. We often try to run from our sins and the not-so-perfect things we’ve done, burying them in a shallow grave, pretending they can no longer affect us. But the sun always rises and shines light into the darkest of places, revealing secrets we thought were hidden. They keep crying out to us though, beckoning us to return for just one more dance, one more compromise. Part way through the song, there is a Bible verse spoken over the music, declaring that if we walk in the Light as our Savior is in the light, we will be cleansed of our sins, a perfect complement to the message of the song.

The music is equally as engaging, the song starting with light notes dancing across the piano, followed by heavy power chords and frenetic drums. There are less heavy moments interspersed throughout, providing vital contrast. The vocals are intense, echoing the sentiments of the lyrics. All in all, this is a fantastic song, worth taking the time to listen to. We can’t wait to hear more from this impressive band.

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