Introducing Shawna Cain - I Am A Spirit

Introducing Shawna Cain – I Am A Spirit

Shawna Cain believes there is no more powerful message than one sent from above. And with her forthcoming debut EP The Way out October 2nd, she intends to spread that word to as wide of an audience as possible.

“I want to reach those people that don’t even think they want to hear about God,” says Cain. “I don’t want people to feel as though they’re closed off from this music, or that it’s not for them. To me, the music I write is not just words; it is something spiritual, and based on the principles I apply to my life.”

“I Am A Spirit,” the bouncy, charismatic first single from The Way, was the last song to be written for Cain’s debut EP. Inspiration for the song came to the singer while on a visit to Jamaica. She wrote the lyrics while in the Caribbean country, but it was while cruising the streets of her hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Canada that she found the perfect musical accompaniment to her words.  

“It turned out to be one of those songs that needed to come out but I just hadn’t realized it. I was listening to a lot of trap and hip-hop beats and that, combined with the inspiration of what I was learning at church at the time, joined forces in what I refer to as the perfect five-minute lesson. It’s an educational song in which you can find freedom, but you’ll walk away from it having learned something, too. I want people to think about themselves and take a serious look at who they are.”

Ultimately, Cain’s debut effort is a remarkable show of strength and talent that combines unforgettable songs with a message she hopes will resonate with both God’s faithful and all others alike.

“These songs are drawn from the inspiration of what I’ve seen and heard so far in my life,” Cain said. “I’m doing something unique, but it’s God that is doing the trailblazing here; I’m just following Him. I love and appreciate that I’m able to bring a positive message to others who may be questioning their place in the world.”

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