SYNS Release Soul Single & Music Video

SYNS Release Soul Single & Music Video

Rockers SYNS recently released their new Soul single, EP and new cinematic music video.  

Front-woman Maddison delves into Soul in a blog post here, read an excerpt below.

The music video shows two dancers who aren’t necessarily “evil”, but they represent complacency, really. They signify the pull to keep me in a comfortable and familiar dysfunction, and all the while, a destiny and journey much bigger than I am, awaits. I think this can relate to so many people, looking to escape their situations. 

The lyric line, “The past hurts the most when you can’t see what you’ve become,” tells us, if you are aware that you have become a more free and forgiving individual, then your past doesn’t hurt as bad, because that experience got you to where you are right now. And if your present state is bitter and unforgiving, then I guess your past is still haunting you, isn’t it. You have given the past (permission) to dictate the present and future.

Read more about the story behind the song and video here.

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