Pray for Zahna as She Faces Transplant Surgery Next Week

Rock News Roundup 16

Hey Christian Rockers, let’s take a look at what the rock world is up to this week!

Fight the Fade released a music video for their song “Heart” this past Tuesday. The lighting in the video is quite beautiful. The lyrics are even more so! “I’m holding out my heart just take it, letting go of all I was before. So tired of this constant aching, I don’t even want it any more.”

Skillet announced on Instagram they have a documentary in the works and they are working with Erwin Brothers Entertainment to make it happen. This is huge and I know there are many Panheads out there who are really excited to hear more about this!

Reclaim The Day now has a new logo, which was created by Josh and Jarob Bramlett of The Protest. Check it out!

We are happy to share with you our new logo design! Thank you to Josh and Jarob Bramlett from The Protest for their outstanding job with this new design!

Posted by Reclaim The Day on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

3 Days Under finished recording a cover of the Johnny Cash song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” and they are now in the process of coming up with a music video for it! I have a feeling this song will be quite different from the original, and yet it will do it justice. That’s just a feeling though, so make sure you all check it out when it drops and tell me if I got it right!

So we got the master track back the other day. All we can say is ITS AMAZING!!! We’re still ironing out the video shoot…

Posted by 3 Days Under on Monday, July 6, 2020

Zahna went to work with Josiah of Disciple at his studio “The Ranch”. Take a look below and also click here to see the post that “The Ranch” put out about it! I cannot wait to hear the new songs!

I had an awesome time at The Ranch writing straight bangers with @josiahprincetagram for the new Zahna record. I can’t wait to let you head what I’ve been up to ???

Posted by Zahna on Monday, July 6, 2020

Anberlin is doing a live stream of their debut album tomorrow so make sure to check it out!

Samuel Day has a new song called “Rise” coming out July 31st! You can pre-save the song here, I know I have!

?Have you ever felt underestimated? Cast aside? Dismissed? I know I have. But I’m determined to hang on to greatness,…

Posted by Sam Day on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

GFM recently performed a virtual concert and had some great words to say during it about not worrying how you look to the world. Take a listen now! You can also see the whole performance here. Their performance starts at 3:34:00.

And last but not least, Kingdom Come Festival has put out several posts this past week in order to help prepare attendees who will be there this Friday and Saturday! The post below is a rules packet that attendees are to read and sign before entering the festival. Take a look here for a post about a map of the festival, here on some helpful FAQ’s, and a last minute schedule change plus a silent auction here.

Each vehicle entering the grounds for KCF will be required to read and sign the posted rules/guideline packet. If you…

Posted by Kingdom Come Festival on Monday, July 6, 2020

And that ends our roundup for this week! I hope to see many of you tomorrow and Saturday at Kingdom Come Festival. Otherwise I will see you all next week and thanks for tuning in. Rock on!