A centuries old evil. A nightmarish masterplan to vanquish all of humanity. The promise of the return of a legendary king. Six metalhead warriors who are Earth’s only hope. This is the world of The Crimson Six.

The new one hundred and sixty-six page black-and-white graphic novel blends the classic superhero comic book feel that captured the hearts of millions for decades with the dark yet energetic tone of the metal genre. With scenes involving sinister creatures as well as the Grim Reaper himself, the book channels the imagery of the gloomy album artwork displayed by so many metal bands in the 80’s and 90’s, while lightening up the mood with the courageous and relatable heroes who stand against all odds to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This adventure comes straight from the brains of Hayden Cockrill, the creator of the web comic “The Adventures of Metal Dude,” and Pastor Bob Beeman, the amazing pioneer of Christian rock and metal, helping such bands as Stryper get their start.

Hayden Cockrill has loved comics ever since he was a kid, and has been drawing since he can remember. When Bob gave him the idea to create a story based around metal-influenced superheroes, he was all in. The Crimson Six is his debut graphic novel, and is an attempt to bring readers comfort and hope through an allegorical tale, while also providing a fun book to read and enjoy. In this world where things seem to be getting worse and darkness seems to be growing stronger by the day, the message of hope, that good will ultimately overcome all evil, even death itself, is desperately needed. Not just that good will overcome evil, however, but that there is hope even for the least of us who have royally failed despite our best intentions. That there truly is a Good King who will come to snatch us from the clutches of death, and will welcome us unworthy sinners into his great and final kingdom.

The Crimson Six is available now on Amazon.com, and will be available through most other online booksellers in the coming weeks.

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