Video Roundup: Week Starting 6/15/20

Video Roundup: Week Starting 6/15/20

It’s that time of the week folks, time to round up a load of videos from last week we haven’t already promoted on the site.

We all need a laugh right now and nothing Beets laughing at Lecrae & comedian Damon Sumner trying some beets and answering stupid questions.

My tongue is dead!

Damon Sumner

The work our dude Randy Mason does with the youth and kids in the community in The Bronx is special. Here’s their latest creative project.

Speaking of community, here’s Isaac Knox’s And A Movie music video…(Get his solo project Mile 1 Mixtape here)

It’s a new video from Switchfoot, it’s included. End of.

Michael Jr. is cool. His new Christian movie Selfie Dad is available in your homes now. On demand. You should watch it. And laugh. Because it’s funny…or so we’ve been reliably informed by the website. This website. Which is where you can learn where to watch it. In your homes. Now. And laugh with your families. Ok, I think you get it now…by clicking here.


As For Me & My House? Oh, it’s the new song from Austin & Lindsey Adamec!

They also released a new single, This Is Where I Belong.

HANG ON! It’s ok you can let go now and click play on these stripped back versions of NEEDTOBREATHE’s Hang On and Survival ft. Drew & ellie Holcomb. And don’t worry, there’s no actual stripping in the videos, that wouldn’t be very Christian…

If you haven’t heard Natalie Grant’s new single, a cover of Casting Crowns’ Praise You In This Storm, here’s where you can remedy that.

One of my favorite things to do is go for a wander in a storm and let my mind wonder on God’s purpose for my life. I find it really refreshing, and that’s not just because of the rain! Here’s Hillsong UNITED’s (acoustic) Wonder…

The words of this hauntingly beautiful song from Jenn Bostic wreck me every time, and no wonder after hearing the story behind the song in this video! I feel all of this. All of it.

Dreaming was never meant to be for the faint of heart

There’s no better artist to pick you up and motivate you than Manafest. His music is awesome and all (he wouldn’t be in my top 5 artists otherwise!) but what he brings to the world through these kinds of videos is what makes him truly awesome. I’ll also say this, the moment I stopped worrying about things and trusted God, was the moment I felt much freer and happier.

Carrying the messages theme on, Bizzle and Datin take the crowd to CHURCH on this GOM tour message and alter call from last year. Great message!

Hannah Schaefer shares a bit of her story with you.

Sarah Reeves is jumping in Heart First

We’re jumping heart first into this next video too, we’ve got some real love for the new V3 dance video to BLANCA’s Real Love.

Lil Noovie and 1K Phew team up for the heartfelt Hopeless track in response to recent events in the world.

Nick Brewer joins in on the Reflecting

It’s been a while since CHH has had a kid prodigy (to my knowledge), enter Nahoa Life. Why is a really heartfelt song and video on a tough subject from clearly a very talented young boy. Please give this a watch.

I’ll be honest, I have not watched all of this video yet but the level of professionalism Sam Collier brings to his conversations/interviews and the theology/intelligence Da’ T.R.U.T.H. brings to the literal table are always at a high level. So if you’re interested in chats on racism and Christianity and how they coincide, I can guarantee this will be worth a watch, without even finishing it yet.

Right back to music! Remember this track from K-Drama from a few years back? Here’s an unreleased performance video of the track prior to its release.

This is a beautiful cover of Sarah Reeves’ Anxious from Finding Us, the band made up of Anthem Lights’ Chad and his wife Fallon.

Speaking of Anthem Lights, they’ve covered for KING & COUNTRY’s latest hit single with Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin, Together. The talent and work ethic of these four guys is ridiculous. Thank the Lord for Anthem Lights!

I’m really digging this track from Acceptance – Cold Air

Yesterday was Father’s Day and here’s 3 of the best related videos…

First up is Matthew West with this beautiful acoustic version of Looking Up mixed in with a conversation with his dad. This related post was beautiful too.

Sadly Guvna B’s father left this earth to be with our Father in heaven a couple of years before Guvna’s first son was born, making Father’s Day a tough subject for him. With the help of God and iCandy he finds beauty in the brokenness with this beautiful Father’s Day poem.

iCandy and I for Father's Day

Allo Mate… iCandy and I for Father's Day @iCandy World

Posted by Guvna B on Sunday, 21 June 2020

Technically this released today but waiting until next week’s roundup makes no sense, so here’s Shai Linne’s Happy Father’s Day video.

Unsecret’s teamed up with Reach Records for 5 tracks and here’s the 2nd in as many weeks. It’s time to Catch Fire with Hulvey and Sam Tinnesz.

There’s a brand new remix of Riley Clemmons’ Over and Over from RUSLAN & Julie Lov to enjoy…

We’ve got Stupid Deep into this roundup and it’s time for Jon Foreman’s voice again. Obviously.

Talking of stupid deep, here’s some more stupid deep(?!) drops from the How Ridiculous boys. Yeah, that works, just go with it. AND IS THAT A GIANT AXE? Why yes, yes it is…How good!

Big Fil’s got that Finesse…

What did I just watch? Dancing raisins. No seriously…

And we’ll round things off on the edge of our seats with TobyMac and Cochren and Co.

And that’s it for this week folks, I hope you’ve found something new to enjoy in all of that, and maybe even had a slight chuckle here or there. We all need a good chuckle and good music in our lives and I hope this column can bring that to you each week. See y’all next week!