LZ7 Lean Into Their Family On New Single

LZ7 Roll Out As Family On New Single

Throughout lockdown LZ7’s emphasis on their Family ethos has been heightened and spotlighted more than ever. Evidenced through their regular Cabin Fever live streams from Lindz’s space station loft, and especially at 2am on LZ7’s 24 hour DJ set in honour of Open Arms where 30 strangers came together to spur each other on as one, Family is central to LZ7’s mission. This is LZ7’s song for their family. A family war cry. A family anthem.

And a family banger! Family goes Hard with a capital h, the synths dance chaotically in the background, emphasizing some drops as they go, with the bass punching through effectively to get your noggin’-a-noddin’. Lindz’s rapping game is strong and combines well with JimmyJames’ production to elevate the track’s grimy nature. The lyrics tread water well and don’t get lost in the murky depths though, the unifying nature of the track sinking in deep.

The latest in a slew of single drops from LZ7 goes hard and the message is clear, we’re family. 

Family is out now and you can see Lindz perform it in LZ7’s free live Soho Muse set today at 5pm est. Register here.

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