Comfort in the Chaos by Aster Way - a Song of Hope for Our Time

Comfort in the Chaos by Aster Way – a Song of Hope for Our Time

Aster Way is a Christian worship music duo. Johan Glidden and Kenny James write, record, and produce music rooted in contemporary pop, acoustic, and folk music. Their songs stem from their own experiences with Christ and a look at the world through His eyes. Through Aster Way – the Way of the Star – they point their listeners away from the world’s turmoil and toward God.

Aster Way’s debut single, Comfort in the Chaos (lyrics and music by Johan Glidden) is a song born from Johan and Kenny’s experiences during the tumult of the past few months. Witnessing the hysteria on all sides, they have been continually drawn back to Christ’s promise of peace. As Jesus has told us, we will always have trouble in the world. But we need not fear. “Peace be with my brothers and my sisters  And peace be in the hearts of all our leaders  And peace – I see it in the eyes of Jesus Christ.”

Kenny is the Worship Pastor at ALC in Prescott, Arizona. As a performer, Kenny has toured and worked with artists including  Sheryl Crow, Stephen Stills, and, and John Lee Hooker. As an engineer and producer, Kenny has worked with Grammy award winning producers Bill Bottrell, John Cuniberti and Kevin Gilbert.

Johan serves on the Worship team at ALC in Prescott, Arizona. A founding member of  award-winning bluegrass band Sugar and the Mint, Johan is a multi-instrumentalist who has regularly toured and recorded with his own bands and other established artists. Now a solo artist, Johan is working to glorify God with songs that uplift and share his personal experience with Christ.

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SOURCE: Johan Glidden