HGHTS Remixes We Are Leo's IWKY (feat. Elizabeth Grace)

HGHTS Remixes We Are Leo’s IWKY (feat. Elizabeth Grace)

With a new batch of tracks coming, HGHTS has been busy and recently he released his new remix of We Are Leo’s “IWKY (feat. Elizabeth Grace).”  This new rendition is pure fun.  Just as vibey as the original and a must have for fans of HGHTS.

“During a chapel service at college, I remember experiencing this moment in worship – I literally felt the glory of Heaven.  For me and We Are Leo, that’s what we wanted to do with this new release: to create a worship moment that was radiant, joyful, and full of our passion for Jesus!” – David Duffield, We Are Leo

Pick up the remix here.

Give “IWKY (feat. Elizabeth Grace) – HGHTS Remix a listen below:

Source: DREAM Records

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