The Eccentric Sheep Musings: It's Time to Come Home

The Eccentric Sheep Musings: It’s Time to Come Home

Every May those old concert photos come across my Facebook memories feed.  They are from a little concert in 2009.  That show was Brian “Head” Welch’s first solo tour.  That show is much more to me than just a great concert experience and fuzzy photos that haven’t stood the test of time.  That was a very key point in my spiritual walk and relationship with Christian rock.    

I didn’t start listening to Christian rock until college.  When I got to college I discovered Air1 and listened a lot.  My very first Christian rock show was Seventh Day Slumber back in 2004. 

However, I did not stick with Christian rock.  I decided it wasn’t hard enough for me and gave it up.  I jumped into the local concert scene after college graduation in 2006.  I got caught up in drinking at shows.  Eventually my priority became getting drunk at shows I had a designated driver to.  I got a job in another town in 2008 and had to leave my bar scene behind for a better job and pay.  I’ve always felt like that was God trying to get me out of that world.    

My husband bought Brian “Head” Welch’s first solo album.  I snubbed my nose at it because I wasn’t listening to Christian rock anymore.  Somehow it accidentally synced onto my mp3 player without my knowledge anyway.  One day it just started playing, this album that had magically appeared on my player.  So I gave it a listen. 

God spoke very loudly to me through that album.  It made me uncomfortable how loud God spoke to me through lyrics like, “it’s time to come home, play time’s over now.”  God kept telling me it’s time to give up those bars and drinking.  That first solo album made a HUGE spiritual impact on me. 

It took several more years to give up drinking for good, but I gave Christian rock another chance because of that album.  I saw Head live for the first time on May 18th 2009, 11 years ago.  I also discovered Decyfer Down in 2009 and saw them live for the first time.  Another band that brought me back to Christian rock.

I give a lot of credit to Disciple for everything I do right now, but I also try to give proper credit to Head and Decyfer Down because I wouldn’t have gone and seen Disciple in concert eventually if it wasn’t for them.