LZ7 & NuBreed Proudly Proclaim They're Churchboys On New Single

LZ7 & NuBreed Proudly Proclaim They’re Churchboys On New Single

I hope your speakers’ bass game is strong because it’s about to be put to the test when LZ7’s new single Churchboy kicks in. The bass punches through the swaggerlicious beat hard, and NuBreed’s verse truly packs a punch, but it’s the message of “they look at me a little different but that’s how we roll, I might stick out like a misfit but I don’t do this on my own” that hits home harder. This is the one time you’ll get a kick out of a churchboy…

LZ7’s new single Churchboy is out everywhere today and is another solid addition to the band’s impressive musical library. Go and get it and get your stankfaces ready, you’re going to need them.

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