Rock News Roundup 10

Rock News Roundup 10

Hello and welcome to the 10th rock news roundup! Thanks to those of you who have been with us for 10 weeks worth of rock news, and welcome to those of you who are just now tuning in.

WJTL Radio shared a video highlight recently of a tour stop from last year on the City RockFest Tour. This is such a great memory for anyone who has been able to see this tour in the past, and for those of us who were at this specific stop on the tour. A little secret, you may spot me and some of my friends in this video!

Becoming Sons just released a music video for their brand-new song “Illuminate”. With lyrics like “My heart was lost, but you came and saw the pieces of me and bought them all. It’s how you paid, it’s how you gave. All for me, my life you saved.” they paint a vivid picture of what God can do with what little you have. Check out the video below and then go to their website here and their facebook page here for updates! You can also check out a song they released earlier this month called “Open Arms” here.

Convictions have heard their fans request and they have decided to make a limited amount of face masks. If you need a face mask and want to show your love for Convictions for all to see, you can check out the link below and buy one!

• ???? ????? •We’ve been getting a lot of requests for masks, so we decided to do a limited run. Link in comments….

Posted by Convictions on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Awaken has just released a new song this week called “Behemoth”. It is their first single for their new album “Monsters & Machines” coming out this summer. With lyrics like “God help me rise within my own defeat”, it reminds us that salvation comes from God, not ourselves. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from them!

Awaken- “Behemoth”

Here’s the full new single, “Behemoth”! Give it a share, guys!!! “Monsters & Machines” coming this summer!!!

Posted by Awaken on Monday, 25 May 2020

Collision of Innocence premiered a music video for their new song “Today We Rise” this past Saturday. There is so many powerful images packed into the video with face masks, pyro, a red forest, soldiers, among other things.  But what really stands out is the ending. I got chills watching the ending and it really drives home the lyrics, which is just as powerful as the video.  Don’t take my word for it though, go ahead and watch!

And that’s the end to our 10th rock news roundup! See you all next week!