Trampolines Drop Illegal Song Jesus 10x

You’re the prince of peace when I’m in pieces

Trampolines have one mission, to worship Jesus over phat phunky dance beats. Well, welcome to their mission statement song…

If there was a world record for the amount of times Jesus was mentioned in a song, it’s just been broken 10x over by Trampolines. That alone makes this song stand out, but the fact that it was recorded in a country where street evangelism is illegal blows that out of the water! Just like this track will.

Picture someone being on fire for God, times it by ten, and translate it into a musical soundscape where even songs can have epileptic fits, and you have this track. The lyrical offering throughout is strong and emerges more and more with each listen, but it’s the effervescent and scatty musical bedding that steals the spotlight. It’s so stoked on Jesus even the synths are praising his name and having a massive dance party!

To use a phrase we’ve used only once before, and one we would never use to describe Jesus himself, Jesus 10x is organised chaos. Oh boy is it organised chaos! It’s bold, poetic, unashamed and illegal. It’s beautiful.

Jesus 10x is out today and listeners need to be warned, be wary of the drops…

Miss Trampolines’ first ever interview as a band with yours truly? Well grab some popcorn, a drink, click play, sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know Lane & Cary’s hearts.

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