Video: Matthew Parker - Snapshot ft. JSteph

Video: Matthew Parker – Snapshot ft. JSteph

Matthew Parker is back and here’s a snapshot of what he and JSteph have been working on over the past few months before and during lockdown.

“I wrote “Snapshot” with my friend and fellow music artist JSteph”, says Matthew. It’s called ‘Snapshot’ because it’s about the times in your life when you’re in the middle of a good moment and you take a mental picture, or “snapshot” to remember the moment and the way it made you feel. It’s about fully appreciating the good times while you’re in them. As a lyric in the song says, “we say we miss the good old days, but maybe right now is the good old days, and soon they will be gone.” So appreciate every moment that God has given you, and don’t let the best times of your life go by without fully appreciating them. I hope you enjoy ‘Snapshot’.

You can read more about the song in the press release here.

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