Concerts and Festivals have been down for several months. Summer events such as Kingdom Come Festival and Chains Unchained Festival are holding onto their July dates for dear life. Seventh Day Slumber talked previously about putting together a social distancing tour, and the results are the Freedom to Worship Tour that was just announced.

Brought to you by sponsors such as ChildFund and Refresh LED, this tour is being brought to communities free of charge. The tour is being setup to either provide an indoor or outdoor show that is all up to the church to decide on which they want. Here is the complete quote from the band’s Facebook page:

“Coming to a city near you! Thank you to our sponsors ChildFund, Refresh LED and a few others for helping us bring this outreach to over 40 communities and churches FREE of charge! Still a few more dates available! Message us or tag your Pastor or church. Tour includes sound, lights and a NEW 16ft (Refresh LED) Video Wall for social distancing concerts!”

If you look around you’ll see a few dates around Oklahoma and Texas popping up on social media. The official list of dates should be out soon.

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