Patrick Madsen has just announced on social media his departure from rock band Random Hero after 6 years. His statement can be read below and be sure to get plugged in to Random Hero’s socials below stay wired in for updates on a replacement drummer as and when.

“What a heck of a ride it has been!

I joined Random Hero when I was 24 and just a wild kid from Texas, throughout the years I learned so much from my time, I became a better musician a better friend and a better man all around ( mind, body and spirit )

With all of that being said…today I announce my departure from Random Hero effective immediately. I love the guys in the band and I’m leaving on good terms. 6 years of my life was given to this band and I don’t regret a single minute.

Thank you to all that supported me and got to know me through my time spent. A lot of you have become friends in my life now.

I’ll never forget the times we had.
For now I’m on my horse riding towards the sunset 🌅 to begin my new chapter, who knows what that will be.

Much love to you all and for the last time I’ll use this hashtag #RandomHero

( 2014-2020 )

Keep supporting the band and it’s members! There are no hard feelings in this at all!

Love you guys ❤️

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