I don’t think another book is going to kick your spiritual read end like this

Brant Hansen

There is no one quite like Brant Hansen. Actually, scratch that. There is no one like Brant Hansen. And thank goodness for that. The world wouldn’t be able to handle that much awesomeness. I mean imagine there being two Brant Hansens? The world would probably just spontaneously combust. Or just let out a big sigh.

Wait, what was this article suppose to be about? Oh yes, that’s right. Brant has a new book out now. It’s called The Truth About Us. You should get it.

Need convincing? Brant’s song in this video will do just that. Or read the more professional information about the book here.

Huge Awesome Book Trailer of Out-Takes and Foolishness

This is the Huge Awesome Book Trailer of Out-Takes and Foolishness — HABTOOF — for "The Truth About Us" that my friend Seth put together. It's weird and ludicrous, if you're ready for that at this point in your quarantine experience.

Posted by Brant Hansen Page on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Missed the book fb live launch party and that few minutes of Brant above wasn’t enough for you? well here’s 80 more minutes of nonsensical awesomeness.

Join us here on Facebook LIVE for an awesome, though possibly completely slapped-together, BOOK RELEASE PARTY for Brant's new book, "The Truth About Us" Awesome BOOK TALK and GIVEAWAYS featuring UTTER FOOLISHNESS and also LLOYD will be there and SHERRI too and hopefully YOU. 7:30 pm ET on Tuesday, April 21st, right here!

Posted by Brant Hansen Page on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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PS. Why the goat? I hear you ask. Why not the goat? I answer. Also, Brant posted the picture. Blame him.

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