Sarah Kroger Drops New Single, "Standing In Your Light," Out Now; New Album This Fall

Sarah Kroger Drops New Standing In Your Light Single; New Album This Fall

Integrity Music announces the release of the new single from Sarah Kroger, “Standing In Your Light,” is out now (listen here). Kroger, a Nashville-based Catholic worship leader and songwriter (“For Us,” “Run to The Cross,” “In The Silence”), will also release a new album this fall. 

Recently sharing about the upbeat song, Kroger says, “This summertime anthem is a song that gives people hope in every season. The lyrics describe what I hope to see as I look out at the people of God standing in His light, unashamed, and full of faith.” 

I wanna hear the people singing
I wanna feel the walls come down
I wanna start a new beginning
Finding a freedom in the sound
I know the power of resurrection
I know the life within Your Name
I know You’re the Author of salvation
I will never be the same
There is no fear when I am standing in Your light
Made me a promise You are always by my side
My hands are lifted to the One who changed my life
I’m only free when I am standing in Your light

She continues, “Even in a time of pandemic and quarantine, believers all over the world are still putting his love on display and sharing the light of Christ with their communities through evangelism, service, and self-sacrifice. It’s my hope that this song encourages people to leave behind the darkness and bring all of themselves into the light so God can continue to transform us and send us out. Standing in the light of Christ we have everything we need. ‘For with You is the fountain of life; In your light we see light.’ Psalm 36:9.”

“Standing In Your Light” is a unique turn from her previously-released album, 2019’s introspective Bloom. It will be the first single from her upcoming album, Light, slated to release this fall, which will offer more upbeat worship, truly showcasing Kroger coming into her own as a worship artist with dynamic energy, color, and enthusiasm. 

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