Audio: Mikey Powell - Yesterday's Meal

Audio: Mikey Powell – Yesterday’s Meal

Yesterday’s Meal is Mikey Powell’s third release with UK-based movement Homegrown Worship. With this slow-burning acoustic track that gradually explodes into life, Mikey challenges us to ‘tackle the waves’ together and not to settle for complacency in our walk with God.

Mikey is a worship leader, songwriter, semi-professional Star Wars expert and curator of nonsense based in Southampton, UK. Currently the Worship Director at New Community Church, he is passionate about authentic, creative musical worship and writing songs that express that in new, exciting and – dare we say it – fun ways.

He has a Masters degree in Composition from the University of Southampton and has led worship on BBC One for their Pentecost Live show. To give a fully balanced picture it’s important to also mention that he is completely unable to wrap a fajita correctly and believes that it is physically impossible to floss one’s teeth.

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