Fresh off the success of his Jetson Juice EP finding its way onto charts & playlists all over the world last year, the highly versatile wordsmith is back in action early in 2020 with a brand-new single called “Won’t Complain” designed to lift our collective spirits at a time where the people truly need it most. A powerful declaration of humanity in the face of adversity, P. Lo’s created a sincere call to celebrate what’s important, what’s real, and what unites us all together.

“Won’t Complain” serves the greater good of everyone by pointing out the positive path to a better life. Through brilliantly crafted lyricism that incorporates His messages of faith and love in exciting, relevant, and boldly dynamic bars & vocals that have all the vivid melody & hooks the people really wanna hear – “Won’t Complain” features a stellar performance from guest-star J. Carter alongside Jetson’s upbeat signature style. Unified in their mission to bring music with a purpose direct to the people & give them a song that’ll satisfy their soul every bit as much as entertain their ears, together P. Lo & J. Carter lead the way to a brighter day by example, proudly proclaiming His words of wisdom with the conviction they deserve.

“Won’t Complain” will be available everywhere May 1st.

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SOURCE: Eyvette Smith

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