De.V/ZION Strives to Keep Moving Forward

De.V/ZION Strives to Keep Moving Forward

De.V/ZION, a Christian artist from Wandsworth, has been working on a community focused music album since November 2019 with a team of artists connected to the area. He calls it ViZION. In light of recent events with Covid-19 infections and lockdown measures being enforced globally, the team has released a single off the 14-track album which they hope will motivate and encourage the people of Wandsworth during this period of uncertainty.

Keep Moving Forward (Phillipians 3:13), was produced by Ginka TMP, and features De.V/ZION, Tsepiso and Jahmoves. Some exciting skype interviews with the artists speaking about their art, life in Wandsworth, and the lockdown have been posted on their YouTube page.

To help promote the song and involve the community in encouraging one another during this time, they are campaigning for everyone with a connection to Wandsworth to record a selfie/group video;
– Introducing themselves
– Stating their connection to Wandsworth
– Sharing an encouraging message with the phrase Keep Moving Forward
– Posting their video on social media with #ViZIONWandsworth #KeepMovingForward
– And tagging @vizionuncovered on Instagram and @VUncovered on Twitter.

There shall be a video of the week selected based on creativity and content, and individuals in the chosen video will be given private links to hear every song on the album prior to release date and shall get two tickets to the listening party as and when that happens.

This project has been undertaken with funding from The Agency program and with the much-needed support of the Battersea Arts Centre.

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SOURCE: Prince Agyei