LoveMeJames prays to God for "Forgiveness"

LoveMeJames prays to God for “Forgiveness”

Forgiveness depicts the rise and overcome of LoveMeJames’ various sins committed in his former lifestyle. The song touches on topics such as lust, illegal street activity, and poor lifestyle habits. LoveMeJames was raised up in church at an early age, however strayed away from church in his teenage years. James would then get involved with various poor lifestyle habits such as drug dealing, fornication, and promoting drug usage & gun violence in his songs he previously recorded. During his journey to find himself, LoveMeJames also found God and the understanding of what it means to live a clean and righteous life. 

LoveMeJames would then begin attending church, bible study sessions, and grasp the understanding of what it means to be a Christian living under God’s means. James stated he wants to, “help those in need of spiritual healing, no matter their upbringing, or lifestyle, to ensure they know who God is and that God forgives.” To achieve this mission set before him, James has produced a wide variety of songs to come, with scriptures embedded to assist listeners in their time of need. “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist,” is a quote once stated by Robert Schumann, and within that quote lies the belief of LoveMeJames.

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Directed by: Tim Valdez, Andre O’Neal Jr.
Produced by: Emanuel J. Lockhart, Tim Valdez

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