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Right Hand Shade Point to the Son in Hope-Filled Self-Titled Album

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Right Hand Shade, a rising band from the New England area, has a unique and refreshing sound.  They’re a little pop, a little rock, a little blues, and all heart and soul.  They recently released a self-titled album, filled with messages of hope and truth.

The opening guitar riffs of “A Little Help” eases the listener into the album.  It’s a bit of a stripped-down intro, just the guitars and Matt on vocals, and allows the lyrics to shine through.  The message of this song is a relatable one.  We’ve all had times where we’ve felt burned out, tired, overwhelmed by our circumstances, and we just need a little help.  But the good news is that there is nothing too great or too hard for our God to handle.  He has our backs, and we don’t have to face it all alone.  Halfway through the first verse, the full band kicks in, and the guitars turn it up a notch.  Emma takes the lead on the second verse, and after the bridge, Taylor shows off his skills with a captivating guitar solo.

“Living Proof” is up next, starting with an energetic and upbeat guitar solo.  Kevin enters a few seconds later on the drums, the aggressive beat adding to the liveliness of the song.  The ordinary is all around us, calling us to simply go with the flow.  But as this song declares, we are to be the living proof of God’s love and His kingdom here on earth, and be that light in this dark world.  The band slows things down a bit with “It’s Time,” allowing the beautiful vocal harmonies to take center stage.  This song calls listeners to step beyond our scars and our desire to get even, and begin to make amends with those who may have wronged us.  After all, Jesus extended this same grace to us when He took the burden of our sins before we had repented.

“Under Construction” is probably the most bluesy track on the record, again starting with some tasty guitar licks, the tight vocal harmonies adding some color to the track.  None of us are a complete masterpiece.  We must continue to run the race set out before us, trusting that God will continue sculpting us in His image and for His glory.  “Bold” brings out more of the rock flavor on the record.  Towards the end of the track, there is an impressive guitar solo, with some wah peddle added for good measure.  The chorus proclaims that it is God who gives us the boldness to go out into the world and shine His light and share His message of hope.

The album wraps up with “The Best Is Yet to Come.”  Not to be confused with the Frank Sinatra classic, this is a lively rock track, and a great way to end the album on a high note.  The hi-hat can be heard dancing above the anthemic chorus.  Nick provides a driving foundation on rhythm guitar.  This track sings of God’s promises.  His work in us has only just begun, and His best for us is yet to come.  It encourages us to not become weary in following God and doing good, for in time, we will reap a harvest, beyond anything we can even imagine.

This is simply a wonderful, uplifting album, imbued with hope and encouragement and comfort.  Right Hand Shade is a talented band, with a sound all their own that stands out against the background of non-descript pop music inundating today’s airwaves.

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