news roundup 12 - girl power

News Roundup 12 – Girl Power

Carmen Justice and Simple Thieves have a new song coming out on Friday but, don’t worry, they’re not expecting you to get out of your pyjamas for it…

Y’all need some good news after today?!??Well this Friday me and @simplethieves may or may not be releasing a single…

Posted by Carmen Justice on Monday, March 30, 2020

Tasha Layton is heading into the sea this Friday, let’s just hope authorities see that as her one daily outing of exercise! ” “Into The Sea (It’s Gonna Be Ok)” out Friday!

“Every exit is an entrance”

Dang that’s deep! Wande’s Reach debut album is coming next month but, to make you happy, Happy drops this Friday.

In case you missed it, The Letter Black are back and have given us the first preview of new music! The Kiss of Death is on its way probably isn’t the best thing to say right now…but it’s factually correct so just go with it ok?!

Fellow rockers VERIDIA will be releasing Blood Diamond this Friday. Read the story behind the song below and pre-save it here.

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Our new song, “Blood Diamond (الماسة الدم)” comes out this Friday, April 3rd! Please click the link in our bio to pre-save it – this is a huge help for us and helps the song reach more people! The artwork for the song was created by @rafikillustration, based in Lebanon. Last year, he and I connected over our song, “I’ll Never be Ready,” discovering that we both lost our fathers around the same time. A bittersweet bonding over great losses, but an honor to be able to create art dedicated to the expression of love from a place of knowing loss. Here, a graphic artist from across the ocean put into vision what my heart put into lyric and VERIDIA transposed into song. In the final single art, I’m pulling my heart out of my chest to reveal a brilliant, abstract, diamond heart… as I am slowly learning that loving myself and others well can be a painful process. . For all of the times I wanted to blame the love of my life for the lack of affection I felt, I realized we just communicate love differently, and the pressure I put on him to prove his love was unfair and only showed him how little I appreciated the ways he expressed his love. I caused myself pain, because I didn’t put in the work to understand how much he valued and loved me all along, and I caused him pain, because I made him feel exactly how I felt – not enough. Healing and strengthening our love came from digging deep into our own wounds and knowing that we will have more capacity to receive and feel love, the deeper we dig, the more open and vulnerable we are with each other. . We all have value and when we learn to selflessly love well… it’s always enough. Love is not a commodity, it’s not tangible; it’s the most precious, expensive gift in the world you can exchange, and yet, it’s priceless. . —“Broke your heart without intention Poisoned all of your affection I don’t deserve you, you made me see All this pain is self-inflicted Need to heal this deep affliction”

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Keep your voices down folks, new DREAM Records artist Elizabeth Grace is Chasing Quiet…in May. A preview is below.

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“Chasing Quiet” @egdnd 5•15•20

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BUBBBLLLLEEEEESSSSS! Oh wait, where was I, oh yes…Hannah Schaefer’s debut album Who I Am is out now! You should go and get it, because…BUBBBLLLLEEEESSSS (oh no, here we go again…). You can get her album here.

Riley Clemmons appeared on the Overflow podcast recently and it’s a chat well worth checking out! Links to listen can be found here.

Riley also did KSBJ’s quarantine concert live last night if you’re in need of something to watch right now!

The Quarantine Concert Series with KSBJ | Riley Clemmons

Riley Clemmons LIVE WITH KSBJ ?✨ // music & more. It's the Quarantine Concert Series with KSBJ!And for more hope, keep listening after the concert on your KSBJ app or smart speaker!

Posted by KSBJ on Monday, March 30, 2020

And to wrap things up, Jenn Bostic’s new song entitled Wrapped comes out April 10th!