Dude Perfect Start Week Long Quarantine Classic

Dude Perfect Start Week Long Quarantine Classic

To help families have something wholesome to watch together to alleviate quarantine boredom Dude Perfect are competing in the first ever, and hopefully only, Quarantine Classic. Yep, that’s right, there’s some actual “sport” for you to watch! We may already be past the halfway stage of proceedings with the 3 Point Contest, Roller Chair Hockey & last night’s tense Golf Shootout already in the books, but there’s still tonight’s 3 on 3 Soccer & tomorrow night’s Spike Ball left to enjoy. Oh and you can catch up on the 107 minutes of exciting sports action hosted by Kevin “Sparky” Sparkman broadcast so far below!

But the goodness of the Quarantine Classic doesn’t just stop there, with viewers able to donate to the American Red Cross as they watch to help fund their charitable actions during this time of need. Viewers can donate using the donate button next to the videos on YouTube. So far over $40,000 has been raised, hallelujah!

Tune in to their YouTube channel at 7pm CST tonight & tomorrow night to catch the final chapters of this exciting sporting classic!

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