Loving your neighbor…from a distance

Loving your neighbor…from a distance

If we are honest, most of us didn’t take this coronavirus pandemic as seriously as we should when it first broke out. Hence even though it had been in the news for a while now, it still hit us like a shock in our various countries regardless of being widely apart from each other as far as continents go.

And now that it is upon us like a hovering sandstorm, see us running helter-skelter, stockpiling essentials with vendors having a field day outpricing items to the dismay of desperate people. Apparently, in the abundance of panic, greed and inhumanity rear their ugly heads. What happened to having your brother’s back? In their ‘humble’ defense, they are only responding to the ‘demand and supply situation’ at the moment.

Due to the high spread rate of the novel virus, most governments are putting bans in place in terms of social gatherings which unfortunately affect churches as well. For some, they are happy that they can finally have some rest from the noisy church in their neighborhood. For others, they are going to miss the wonderful fellowship shared with other believers for some weeks to come.

We are all being advised to adhere to social distancing protocols…whatever that means; as it has proven to help reduce the spread. For those of us who love to show affection in a touchy, physical manner, it could prove quite a challenge. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Essentially, we are all entreated to avoid crowds and physical contact as much as possible. This doesn’t give you the right to be rude when someone accidentally crosses the line, o snobbish one! Per the rules of engagement of your country, you may still go to work, go to the grocery store; simply keep going.

However, we are all advised to protect ourselves and our neighbors as much as it depends on us. As Christians, we are encouraged not to neglect the fellowship of the saints and as such, small group/cell meetings may seem to be the way to go. Let’s keep one another in our prayers with one heart and mind and remind one another of the need to keep our hands clean.

As far as I can see, this pandemic affects all of us as a people; not just some unfortunate ones on some continent. Let’s pray for those infected to receive healing, comfort those who have lost loved ones to the virus and remind one another to stay safe. The world has survived a lot of plagues and pandemics and if we remain as one, we can beat this one too – God be our helper.

Let’s keep in touch via online platforms as much as we can. If someone comes to mind, do make a call or send a text. If you’re unable to, utter a prayer for him or her. The virus is ugly but we shouldn’t let it bring out the worst in us; rather the best. These are not ordinary times, they say; let’s prove how extraordinary we can be.

Stay safe. Stay blessed. Stay loved. Ta!

© Josephine Amoako 2020

Photo credit: Nappy