New single by Life.Church Worship, 'I Won't Move' Now Available

New single by Life.Church Worship, ‘I Won’t Move’ Now Available

Life.Church and Dream Records today announce the release of “I Won’t Move,” the latest single from Oklahoma-based Life.Church Worship. This powerful track combines the beautiful sound of the Nashville String Machine and the heartfelt lyrics of an intimate conversation with God. The song’s message can be summed up by the line, “I won’t take a single step till I hear your voice, I surrender.”

The track was produced by Life.Church’s JT Murrell with Dameon Aranda and Louis Biancaniello. The song features a piano arrangement by David Wellman and a string arrangement by David Shipps.

“As we spend more time with God, we’re better able to recognize His voice—even when we can’t see Him,” said Murrell. “It’s with that kind of confidence in God that we can live by faith and trust Him to show us the way forward.”

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