Video Roundup: 2020 - Week 9 - Matty Mullins Partners With Black River Christian To Release New Song

Video Roundup: 2020 – Week 9

Hey folks, welcome back to your weekly roundup of videos and songs from the previous week we haven’t promoted separately. How was your week? Mine was very good until I realised the phrase “Never say never”…says never twice. If that annoys you like it does me, let’s be friends!

Enough talk? Ok we’re starting now with David Dunn

Brent Tatum has a message for addiction

Addiction got you down? Martin Smith resiliently sings that we will rise up!

He also has a solid reminder it’s ok to ask for help. I did, and it’s helped no end.

Need a further arm of comfort? Just watch Travis Greene perform. “in spite of mistakes, you love me, you rid me of shame, you give me your truth”

Right, let’s lighten the mood around here. The 2nd instalment of Dude Perfect’s airsoft battle royale is genuinely epic.

Learning the meaning behind Switch’s new song? Count Me In…

Ditto We Are Messengers.

ditto that last intro

Matty Mullins says the devil’s got no hold on me.

Like you, Elle Limebear was born to be wild

and on that theme, I Am Spartacus do what they want…because they’re children.

You know what they say, purpose first…oh I’ve forgotten the 2nd part, oh well, it’s the first part that’s important to Tauren Wells.

The interns are about to say goodbye after 20 years. Will they get their promotion to a full time job before they hang up their instruments on their home studio walls?

Are you sleeping on these verses? (And that’s my favourite intro I’ve written yet.)

GS is a church boy (free download here)

Anthony Mareo is spending a lifetime behind bars…just not those bars you’re thinking of

EJ Thomas’ been surfin’ on a wave. Catch your own wave here.

Frustrated with my cheesy intros? YB says “you can take it out on me” (him). Thanks YB, you da man!

There’s a die/next of kin(n) intro out there somewhere for this new Neon Feather song but I can’t find it. I’m disappointed in myself.

Have I lost ‘it’ with these intros? Maybe, but Jeremy Camp says ‘I Still Believe in you Iain’. Yep, that’s definitely what he said.

Zach Williams sings about Jesus’ Empty Grave after he rose from this earth to the seat at the right hand of the Father.

Theody explores the (space) in between

If you’re a fellow fan of wrestling and you’re not a fan of what AEW are doing, then prepare to meet the Wrath Of Khan. You’re also not quite ‘Cut right’ or E.Quipped to be my friend 😉 (This song is dynamite and goes ‘All In’!)

Don’t think this video should be included? Open your mind.

Chosen with a Solid new single

Oh hi there, is it your birthday today? Anthem Lights has something to say/sing to you

We’ve all felt so numb at some point in our lives and that’s why Linkin Park’s Numb holds a special place in so many of our lives. So, everybody together now…

The great news is that if we hand our lives over to God, the day of victory is instantaneous. Take it away Rend Collective…

Adelaide outlines the story behind My Miracle, her new single releasing March 20th.

Rajan Monroe’s got some solid determination.

and we’ll leave you with last Monday’s motivation with Roy Tosh to empower you for the week ahead.

And that’s it for this week…or last week, I’ll (metaphorically) see you next week for this week’s roundup. Ok, I may need a better, less confusing sign off…

God bless y’all.