Video Roundup: 2020 Weeks 4-6

Video Roundup: 2020 Weeks 4-6

Welcome to a roundup of a whole load of videos and songs from the past 3 weeks we haven’t had the chance to promote separately.

We jump start this roundup with a some dedication mondays heat from our dude YB.

JR aka Playfair aka Mr. Hatty Dredlocks reacting to GFM’s newest single I Don’t Need Your Fantasy is a thing of beauty. Watch at 13 minutes if you’re short on time.

Here’s a helpful hint for you – If you’re ever playing hide and seek with Tom McConnell, try looking between the trees first.

Here’s Tenth Avenue North with a rubbish video… (tour dates here)

K-Drama is trying to chase the true north

Take it easy should be I Am Spartacus’ slogan

Ty Brasel and KB have the power with them

In a world of live performance & unoriginal music videos, Tauren Wells steps up to say ‘nah-uh, we’re citizens of heaven, we do things differently’…

That last intro is not a slight at performance videos by the way. Oh, and here’s Matthew West performing Brand New. His brand new Brand New album releases this Friday.

This Boast remix featuring Bizzle & Datin is (God Over) MONEY!

S.O. addresses the Imposters in the room.

I recently said to God privately that I was done typing the words Way Maker and promoting any more versions of the song. I guess God had other plans!!

This song from Neoni and Rival has some rumbling turbulence simmering beneath the surface and it’s an awesome effect.

This new video from Joel Vaughn has dancing Ketchup and Mustard bottles in it. If that isn’t enough to make you watch it, I don’t know what is. Saucey…

It’s so good to hear new things from All Things New

*Inserts a bit of worship into proceedings*

Colton Dixon is back folks. He’s back with some miracles.

Speaking of miracles, Tyler needs one to save him some money.

Manafest is at an All Time High

and Eshon Burgundy ain’t never gonna fold.

Cool video and remix from Switchfoot/Mason Self

Bizzle flexes his freestyle muscles on prayer

In case you missed it on social media, Lecrae switched careers…and then swiftly switched back!

Find yourself in a battle? Let go (and let God in)

Guvna B: “Did someone mention a battle?”
(the camera shot at 2:47 is sick!)

When life gives you Cutright & Ike Hill, make Lemonade.

Struggle with your longsightedness? Rachael Nemiroff says you can Draw Me Near.

B-Shoc presents not your average dance song.

Manafest & Unsecret Light It Up with their effervescent new track

How good is it to have a new Joshua Micah single out in the world? I’ve got excitement moving through me.

Stand up and stand out and be different in order to make a difference. And boy is Zauntee standing up and being different.

I am all over dance videos to Christian music and Motion In Christ uploaded a whole bunch all at once. It was like Christmas came back for a second helping! (View the rest here)

Meanwhile, around the corner…and maybe up a tree too?

It’s a song about a backpack. You may need some convincing to listen so here you go. It contains singing foxes. There, you’ve already clicked play haven’t you? Yep, thought so.

Ellie Holcomb with some nice reminders

Go along and support the Flavor Fest tour if you can

Micah Ariss is ready to stand and fight

Switch have a new single out? Count me in.

The Spotlight’s on Samuel Day…or is it?

Jon Guerra sings about the Kingdom of God

A sample of TRANSFORM’s newest EP (which is this single and a few remixes)

Rare of Breed’s newest track is dedicated to his wife ahead of Valentines Day

Leanna Crawford’s Funeral is anything but sombre as she lays her old self to rest.

J. Crum’s newest song is Chaos.

Matthew West has a brand new project statement to share.

And lastly, Roy Tosh dropped a new double single When I’m Gone/Apart Of Me ft. Eris Ford. We can’t embed them here but listen to them here and here respectively.

From hereon out this will be a weekly roundup so we’ll see you next Monday for a roundup of this week’s videos.