Hulvey Drops Motions Video

Hulvey Continues to Dominate 2020 with Motions Video

There is freedom in surrender.

Reach’s newest signing Hulvey continues to dominate 2020 with the release of the music video for his popular track Motions. The song appears on Reach’s Summer Nineteen playlist…and Hulvey’s upcoming EP BRKNHRT dropping February 21st.

January saw him sign to Reach Records and release his Prelude EP; this week’s seen him drop his BRKNHRT documentary, Motions video and get a haircut (literally this second as I write this); and next week will see his 2nd EP of 2020. At this rate he’ll be bouncing around on the moon performing CHH’s first ever Live from Space concert, collected more awards than Reach’s founder Lecrae and had a new surf move named after him…because…motions. All before 2021 dawns. Or maybe not, but he’s definitely taking 2020 by storm.

Get plugged into his socials below to stay wired in to all the updates and, judging by the last month or so, there’s going to be lots of them! We hope you don’t suffer from motion sickness, because Hulvey moves fast!!

Didn’t catch the BRKNHRT documentary? Watch it below…

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