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Egypt Speaks, our favorite pint-sized poet, has returned with another incredible offering with her book (almost).  She has many great insights, laugh-out-loud moments, and the wisdom of someone far beyond her years.  Egypt defines the season of ‘almost’ as a season of waiting and preparation, sometimes self-imposed, sometimes brought on by our circumstances.  Perhaps it is a season where we need to learn a vital lesson that will prepare us for the next step in our journey.

Just about every chapter in (almost) starts with Egypt sharing a story from her own life.  Her engaging writing style draws the reader in and captures their attention, making them feel as though they are right there with her, experiencing the same emotions.  The way she writes about them make the stories quite comical, though one can imagine the humor wasn’t quite as evident in the moment; moments such as setting fire to the kitchen, being yanked off a pier by a giant fish, a failed attempt at crowd surfing, and being chased by chainsaws through a haunted house.  Egypt definitely has a knack for drawing profound lessons from these moments.  What could just be considered a bad day by anyone else, Egypt digs deeper and finds the meaning beneath the surface.

It can seem that throughout our lives, we are constantly searching for answers, always trying to find our meaning and purpose for being here.  Many people turn to books such as (almost) to provide some discernment.  I believe Egypt sums it up quite well when she says, “I believe that it is this search, the hopeful action of looking for answers, that continually drives humanity to a deeper level of thinking.  It is the ever-present yearning for something more.  It’s the hope that answers lay somewhere just out of reach.”  (page 13)

And (almost) encourages us to do just that; to search for answers, to overcome our fears and our hurts, to hold on to that glimmer of hope that will pull us through the self-made walls holding us back from reaching our full potential and living the life of joy that our Creator intended for us.  As Egypt says, “We can only be made whole when we admit that we are broken.”  (page 43)  It is when we reach our lowest point and acknowledge we can’t fix ourselves that we look up towards the only One who can truly save us. 

(almost) is a book full of hope and encouragement, profound truths, and the challenge to fight past our hardships to stand in the light of Love Himself, our Father and Creator who wants to heal our hurts if we will let Him.  It is a book worth reading for everyone, whether or not we find ourselves in a season of almost right now.  The challenges of life will come and go, but the truths found in this book will help guide us, whatever season we happen to be in.

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