Angie Rose Drops Life Anthem 'Infatuation' for Women Everywhere

Angie Rose Drops Life Anthem ‘Infatuation’ for Women Everywhere

I’m not saying he’s a bad bad bad bad boy, he just ain’t the one for you.

We’re loving the new single Infatuation from Angie Rose…and it’s not just a short term Infatuation! It should be a really good life anthem for all the teen girls and women out there.

Infatuation carries an incredibly catchy and sweet tasting beat, hook and tone but it’s what’s at the core that tastes the sweetest. In a world of degrading pop songs filled with immorality, gossip and just straight up pure hate, Angie Rose steps up and offers females everywhere a glossy anthem filled with hope and great moral advice. And she does it with some confident swagger too!

Isn’t it nice when the insides of a song matches or exceeds the outsides of a song? More of this please world!

Angie Rose is going places…like the streets of Puerto Rico, a car, a beach and an empty bar.

Joking aside, she really is going places and watch out for another new video dropping tonight at 7pm EST. 2 new videos in less than a week? Who said Christmas was over?!

Ever been Stuck between “I don’t wanna feel that type of hurt again” but “I just wanna feel something again“ yea me too!…

Posted by Angie Rose on Sunday, February 2, 2020

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