Coincidence or God send?

Coincidence or God send?

Every night, for almost 10 years now, before bed I read the Bible. A few days before Christmas I finished reading the Book of Revelation. I then decided to read portions of the Scriptures about Jesus’ birth and life, again, before I began rereading another book of the Bible. To myself, it made sense in waiting to begin rereading a book of the Bible because new year, new Bible reading plan with the chapter number corresponding to the day of the week.

So, I chose to start this new year with reading the book of Proverbs. (For what can I say besides a Proverbs a day keeps the doctor away and you mentally sane!) Nonetheless, usually when I read I like to have praise & worship, instrumental, or contemporary Christian music playing low as an ambient sound. It is amazing the way God works and makes Himself known. There are countless times when I’m reading the Scriptures and then a song plays that reflects what the verse is saying.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 was one of those unexpected moments. I was reading Proverbs chapter 8 while listening to KGBA. In the transitions of programs a brief audio clip of a Bible reading aired and it just so happened to be Proverbs chapter 8 verses 1 to 11. This made me smile with joy and think “God, Your Word literally speaks to us in different ways.” As a result I took a screenshot to show and share (see image).

May you be encouraged today to seek God more and view the unexpected coincidence as a God send to you. May your eyes and ears be alert and open to experience the glimpses of blessings all around.

Oh, and why not delight in Hannah Kerr’s live acoustic version of Ordinary, it tends to correlate with this prose.