Video Roundup: 2020 Weeks 1-3

Video Roundup: 2020 Weeks 1-3

On every Monday this year we’ll be rounding up a whole load of the previous week’s videos and songs we didn’t have time to cover on the site. To start things off here’s a roundup of the first 3 weeks of 2020…

These roundups will be 90% made up of music but we start this roundup with some great advice from Manafest. Subscribe to his channel for more pearls of wisdom.

K-Drama’s Gotta Do Better…apparently.

Jered Sanders might wanna take a note out of K-Drama’s book, because he’s Doing It Wrong…

A short spoken word video from Joshua Luke Smith to start your year off on the right mental, and spiritual, footing.

The first of several Dude Perfect mentions. That Michigan Between The Legs was just dirty!!

Dee-1 & Murs encourage everyone not to care what Jesus looks like…

Catch S.O.’s headline homecoming show and live album recording in London, UK on February 15th. It’ll be his only UK show in 2020. If you haven’t seen him live, do so; he brings a lot of energy so you better bring yours!

“You don’t want the smoke bruh” – Seven-T

5ive assures everyone that God is in control…

Torndown has released a Gargantua lyric video…well actually it’s much the same size as other lyric videos…

You’ve gotta stop juggling and start focusing according to Deraj…and he’s right. Good advice.

Josiah Williams had Love Around “Him” as 2020 kicked into action.

The Afters joyfully outline What Home Feels Like…

Welcome to my biggest song obsession of 2020 so far, Manwell’s Virtual Love ft. J Lewis. Yes, I got excited when I saw a new Group 1 Crew upload. Yes, I was devastated when I realised it wasn’t new G1C. And, YES, I’ve been OBSESSED with this song ever since, often working with just this song on repeat. While I’ve never experienced love, I love the subject matter of this song and it’s aesthetically pleasing…audibly speaking.

Let that Light Shine 5ive…

Waterslide Faceketball? How Ridiculous…(but we still want a go!)

I can’t put into words how excited I am about the return of KJ-52’s Friday Freestyle…although I guess I ironically just did. Kinda.

I’ll be honest, I’m fed up of typing the word Waymaker. But I’ve got a soft spot for Fearless Bnd. So there’s that…aaaand this cover for you to watch.

Hey Plain James, What’s Going On?

Roy Tosh’s turn to drop some advice on ya heads…

YB’s Dedication Mondays has returned.

We need more behind the scenes vlogs like this one, really raw and genuine. Aaron Cole explains the motivation behind his new project Artist Of The Year…

We see you I Am Spartacus and your cleverly titled video.

I don’t know how they managed this but this is both creepy and beautiful. And, no, that’s not their nicknames!!

DPB says you’ll have No Bad Days if you Move Like This.

This was a really good talk from Sadie Robertson at Passion 2020.

Due to the switch from physical to digital products people don’t get the joys of reading the lyrics while listening along these days. Lyric videos are today’s generation’s album art! Listen to Elle Limebear’s What Love Looks Like and read (or sing!) along…

Jason Gray’s new song New Song featuring Blanca is out now. Listen to his new New Song song below. and, yes, I enjoyed typing that.

Colony House reflect on Where “They’re” From…

Joey Vantes is back.

Dillon Chase’s Try Again project drops Feb 17th, here’s his second try at Not Home Yet.

Nothing’s going to keep Aaron Buck’s Soulfire down.

Gaunson’s drawing of Rexy is atrocious. He was going down a water slide so we’ll let him off this time.

Rachel Nemiroff echoes Tauren Wells’ God’s Not Done With You Yet message.

Cool new take on Bayless’ No More Suffering.

Rajan Monroe’s Fam is super important to him.

“The future’s bright” for Rajan.

Speaking of bright futures! Zauntee’s taking Center Stage.

Look Up Child or else you’ll miss a lot of nuggets about Lauren Daigle’s latest album. Love hearing about “God moments” but if Lauren ever interrupts me eating a sandwich, there’s gonna be trouble! Ya hear me Lauren?!

Love Lauren’s pure joy!

Joshua Luke Smith’s Taking “His” Time to high five the sun/son.

Dear Addiction, Brent Tatum’s got a message for ya.

Jamie Grace is dreaming big.

I’m pretty sure Dude Perfect have the best “job” on the planet.

Wait you’re including Secular Music in this roundup Iain? Yep. Well kinda. Man I love John Reuben’s quirky self!

Lulu’s editing at 4:24 was what I wanted, expected, and got. It still got me though!

It’s about time we inject some rock into proceedings with Buried Above’s The Front Lines.

Matthew West is a Walking Miracle(s) – [just go with it ok?!]

Andrew Marcus returned with a new single Take All Of Me.

Newsboys celebrate the Greatness Of Our God live.

Caleb Grimm launches his solo career with a cover of one of my favo(u)rite songs from my teenage years.

If Caleb Grimm’s going to do a cover then Caitie Hurst says So Will I.

You know that Wonderful Feeling you get when Switchfoot release new music? Well here’s the West Coast edition.

In terms of CCM/AC music David Dunn’s one of the better ones who stand out from the over-saturated crowd.

We started this round up with K-Drama determined to do better and we end it with him reaching Boss Level! Get your free download here.