Symphony Of Heaven releases "You Shall Be As Gods"

Symphony Of Heaven releases “You Shall Be As Gods”

Symphony Of Heaven (Rottweiler Records) releases “You Shall Be As Gods” to radio.

Emerging from the mud and rust of southern Indiana in 2017, Symphony of Heaven came crashing into the underground metal scene with their first EP, “…Of Scars and Soil…”, blistering the listeners with haunting atmospheric songs, inspired by the Biblical book of Job. Focused on themes of suffering and pain, the band combined epic symphonic elements with blackened metallic riffs of the coldest order. Now with Rottweiler Records, they have released the song, “You Shall Be As Gods.” The song displays a continuous marching forward of their sound; melancholy, and ever darker than before. Symphony of Heaven continues to march forward, through the frozen wastelands of life, to herald the call from The Almighty to all who will listen.

Source: Gorilla Media PR

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