20/20 Vision: Eyes on God

20/20 Vision: Eyes on God

I don’t have perfect eyesight. I started having trouble seeing what my teachers wrote on the blackboard quite early. I had to blink several times to be able to read and then write. My parents took me to the opticians and I got my first pair of glasses. But alas, I hardly wore them because I was shy. They were quite big for my face and I didn’t want to be subject to teasing.

A couple of years later, I overcame the needless fear of being teased and began wearing them because I really needed to. And I love the world I see when I have them on. The greens on vegetation look refreshing, the sky looks calm in its blueness, and the sun appears to be smiling with its wide bright rays.

Some people have asked me if I have faith that God would perfect my vision so I wouldn’t need to wear glasses anymore. I’d tell them that I do have faith that He can but I believe He has maintained the vision I’ve had so far to remind me that I can only see clearly if I have Him as my lens. Thus, whenever I’m putting on my glasses, I’m saying, “God help me see.”

In the natural sense, 20/20 vision belongs to people who can see and read perfectly from both far and near. However, even such people could be spiritually impaired or blind. From what I’ve learned from the Bible so far, you can only achieve perfect vision when you have your eyes fixed on God.

Because God is not limited to time or space, his perspective on life stretches beyond our widest horizon of imagination. The things that give us cause for concern or anxiety today are comparably insignificant to the things He is preparing for us. That is why He tells us not to worry about anything; but instead pray for everything.

When you have your eyes fixed on God, you are free from being distracted by life’s happenings around you. As long as you keep your eyes on Him, doubt has no chance of infiltrating your mind. You have peace in the midst of storms.

This year, let’s strive for perfect vision: eyes fixed on God and seeing things from His point of view. This is the only way we can truly love our neighbors and enemies because we see the world and people with God eyes.