Rock News Roundup 83 + A Mammoth Video Roundup from 2019

A Mammoth Video Roundup from 2019

Here’s a massive load of videos from 2019 that I just didn’t have a chance to cover but couldn’t go too far into 2020 without doing so!

Koryn Hawthorne’s Enough was part of the soundtrack of the newest Kendrick Brothers’ film Overcomer. Here’s the lyric video with scenes from the movie. I HIGHLY recommend the movie, check it out ASAP!

Emily Brimlow is a name I didn’t know until one of HillaryJane’s instagram stories put me onto her. Here’s her Burning It Down single. It’s fire (I couldn’t resist!).

A really excellent spoken word piece from Dillon Chase.

The audio for Lily-Jo’s latest single Breaking Free.

A Feel(s) Good music video from Rend Collective’s Kids project.

A cool live performance from AC & Brady at LU.

Introducing We The Kingdom…

We dare ya to give this a listen and Drop it On Ya Head…just make sure you’re wearing a helmet first!

I covered a fair few B-Shoc releases in 2019 but there was still a fair few I didn’t. Here’s one!

The video that inspired this massive video roundup after it sat in my watch later playlist for months. To be honest, it’s probably one of my most watched videos on 2019, I just sadly never had time to follow through and cover it. So if you watch any of the videos in this roundup, please make it this one so I feel better about myself haha!!

If you watch this, Justus will Prevail…

The husband and wife rap duo Du2ce & Anigma are ones to watch, you ‘better know it’!

Pump those brakes and give Mike Teezy’s No Brakes a watch.

Including Jarry Manna’s Common Sense was…well…common sense!

1K P-Son, 1K Phew & Don Tino present Slide.

Wolves At The Gate offer a voice in the violence…

Bayless’ Ready.Aim album released towards the end of 2019 and, quite simply, it rocks. Here’s the lyric video for No More Suffering.

Honestly, it’s been a long time since I dug a band on Tooth & Nail but I’m digging what Paradise Now. have been putting out.

Phenomenal track from Micah Ariss and Matthew Parker.

Pastor Tommy “Urban D” Kyllonen delivers yet another powerful spoken word.

Lifepoint Worship performing their song “Change to Good” from their album “Heart of Heaven”.

Cody McCarver CD titled “Blessings” features “These Hands” a duet with John Schneider.

Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – produced by Billy Smiley, arranged by Jean Watson

Anthony Mareo closed out 2019 with his new single No Strings. Click play free in the knowledge that there’s no strings attached…

New video from Hillsong Young & Free outlining the Highs & Lows of faith.

Hilgy apparently didn’t get picked, so I picked him for this roundup. Aren’t I nice?!!

ASAP Preach and Young Cortez’s soul deep cry out for God’s help needed to be included in this roundup.

After you cry out to God and accept Him into your life one has to then Walk With God…as Rawsrvnt and Lil Raskull outline here.

Neoni had a few collaborations to end 2019 with, first was Oblivion with Zayde Wolf and the second was Omens with Unsecret. Here’s the result of the latter, a really cool tribal-esque track.

New IVAV signing Jay-Way dropped his debut single Sleepy Sleepy towards the end of 2019. And, no, it’s not a lullaby like the name suggests…

Next we have a couple of videos from TRALA for their latest 2 singles, Reverie and Everything’s Cool.

Yes it’s after Christmas…but it’s We Are Leo and I just have to include it here! Plus they’re “dancing in a snow globe” and how cool would that be?

While we’re in the ‘sharing Christmas songs after Christmas’ space, here’s a joyfully Christmassy video from Caitie Hurst.

Ditto…but with Matthew West’s Winter Wonderland.

I love We Are Messengers and I love their new single off their upcoming Power album a lot… (album out 1/31/20)

Where does love come from? The heart. Here’s Matt Hammitt’s Whole Heart…(rubbish segway but go with it ok? good)

…and when you give your life to God you acknowledge “Lord, you have my heart”! So here’s Elle Limebear and her dad, the legendary Martin Smith, performing that Delirous? song in Brighton to celebrate its 30th birthday. Their tandem worshipful cry is delightful.

It’s simple…literally.

To say this song from Casting Crowns and Matthew West changed my life last year would be an understatement. It was, and still is, a part of the trio of songs I used to get myself up and going every morning and all 3 played a crucial role in helping me rediscover my identity in Christ after years lost to anxiety and fear. PRAISE THE LORD for this song!!

Tauren Wells’ Like You Love Me EP is yet another fantastic project from the ever effervescent artist and performer. Here’s the title cut and a day in the life of Tauren.

I Wish I Would have had the time to cover this new single from the NFTRY crew.

Blake Whiteley was Wounded…

…so Aaron Cole offered that he might have something that could help Blake “Back In My Bag”.

Uncle Reece is all 4 These Blessings.

Gigi was in her Element…

The Third Day Farewell Tour DVD releases soon. Get your order in now and it’ll be shipped to you this month.

This is a powerful piece of film.

This Is Not The End of this roundup. We can’t leave this spine chilling video detailing the story of Thi’sl’s shooting in 2018 out.

…but this is! We end this MASSIVE roundup with this beautiful reminder from Unspoken that all of our messy mistakes are a part of our story and God will use them for His glory.