Join The Roaring Twenties Fast

Join The Roaring Twenties Fast

Prominent Christian leaders and ministries throughout the United States are urging and supporting a call for one million people, especially young people to fast and pray at the beginning of the new decade and throughout 2020. (The Roaring Twenties)

“Could you imagine what would happen in your own life if you dedicated 21 days to draw nearer to God? Let alone a whole generation and the ripple effect that can and will echo from that into all of eternity!” –Josiah Kennealy

In 1995 Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade issued a call for fasting in hope of spiritual revival. Bright stated ”Prayer has great power, but fasting with prayer has infinitely more power.” In 1995 and in the years to follow prominent leaders like Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Jerry Falwell, Jentezen Franklin, Dr. Steve Gaines, Lou Engle, John Piper, and many others joined Bright in fasting for revival.

25 years later there is a new generation stepping into a new decade as spiritual giants of the faith have gone on to heaven. Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, and many others. There is great hope and expectancy for another great spiritual awakening in America and the nations during a time of so much division, pain, and global uncertainty. A new generation is hungry for God to move in great power and is embracing the call to fasting and prayer as a primary tool to advance the Gospel.

“College students across the world are showing an increased hunger to experience God and go deeper in their prayer lives. Spontaneous prayer meetings are cropping up and thousands of students are being radically saved and transformed right before our eyes on the darkest university campuses. If there was ever a time for fasting and prayer to seek God for revival and awakening it is now. This generation is ripe for another Jesus Movement and the Roaring Twenties Fast could be the spark God uses to ignite it.” Paul Worcester Director of Campus Multiplication Network

Jentezen Franklin, a leading voice in the fasting movement and best-selling author, states “While fasting is a private discipline that yields many personal benefits, the promises of fasting can also impact your community and your nation. In the Bible, there are cases in particular where fasting literally changed history!” Pastor Franklin’s church, Free Chapel has fasted 21 days at the beginning of January every year and has seen God do great things as a result.

“The call for one million young people to fast and pray is historic but must not be about any one church, leader, organization or denomination but rather a collective of believers young and old who sense that God is about to do something historic in the roaring twenties. Actually, many are fasting already. My friends Matt Brown, Yale Kim and I want to see those stories shared and see a new generation marked by the same hunger and passion of great spiritual leaders of the past.” –Dr. Malachi O’Brien

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