Audio: Right Hand Shade - Under Construction - Right Hand Shade Point to the Son in Hope-Filled Self-Titled Album
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Audio: Right Hand Shade – Under Construction

A construction site is a messy place full of hazards and noise, much like faith. If we’re really being honest, none of us has “arrived” at perfection. We all have areas of our lives that need work, areas that need to be broken down, rebuilt and refined. And that process can be painful. The process takes time. But if we’re willing to allow our Father to work on those areas, He will take something broken and sculpt it, restore it, make it shine as only He can. He’ll turn our brokenness into a masterpiece. The lyrics explain, “He won’t leave me the way I am.” The mood of “Under Construction” is declarative, with full-band hits, layered harmonies, and in-your-face lyrics that don’t compromise or back down. Because when we are in that place where we are allowing Him to work on us, we’re right where we belong. 

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