Audio: Right Hand Shade - It's Time
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Audio: Right Hand Shade – It’s Time

Forgiveness. It’s easy to say, but so much harder to authentically offer to someone who has wronged us. Especially someone who has hurt us deeply. Everything within us wants “an eye for an eye” or to “settle the score”… but Christ calls us to something much higher. If we are to be like Him, we must be willing to surrender those emotions and remember the words that He spoke from the cross. “It’s Time” is a plea to extend that most vulnerable of gifts to another. “Over and over and over again, we wait for our brother to make amends, how long will we hold onto offense? But over and over and over again, you send your grace to fall like rain, so help me be the one to make a change.” The catchy chorus melody and simple but focused message of the lyrics may inspire the listener to do some soul searching. Are we willing to let it go?  

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