Hymns of Old and Songs of New

The other day, as I scrolling through Twitter I came upon an Air1 tweet that asked: “If you could only listen to one Christmas song this year, what would it be? ”

Instantly, Mary, Did You Know? came to mind; and as I was about to reply to the tweet, I saw many people comment stating that same song. O Holy Night, Silent Night, and Away In A Manger were amongst common favorites too. Now, there is nothing wrong with any one of those CHRISTmas songs. They are all captivating in their own means. I’ll admit Mary, Did You Know? has been and will continue to be one of my Christmas favorites! But, reading the comments just made me think of all the underplayed Christmas songs that truly have great meaning, lyrics and music.

A Christmas Song by (the original) Flyleaf is a song that resonantes with me. It reflects parts of the Scriptures in a minimal yet creative way in how Mary could’ve felt about Jesus Christ’s birth. The song also tells how Jesus is the long awaited Savior that is born with His precious brows waiting for thorns. I don’t want to give too many details about the song away, so here’s a YouTube audio link to listen to – if you’d like:

In my opinion, Mary, Did You Know? and A Christmas Song have similarities in the facts that both reveal prophecies of Jesus Christ’s life from the humble beginning to His sacrificial ending.

What are your thoughts? What are some underplayed Christmas songs that you like?
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