Is something brewing in the Flyleaf camp?

Is something brewing in the Flyleaf camp?

First Lacey Sturm asks fans for their favorite Flyleaf songs…

What is your favorite Flyleaf song? -Team Lacey

Posted by Lacey Sturm on Sunday, December 8, 2019

…and now Flyleaf have updated their social media pictures (and been more active lately)…

…and Flyleaf’s popular Memento Mori album turned 10 years old last month.

Something’s brewing in the Flyleaf camp! Perhaps a Memento Mori 10 year anniversary tour? Maybe even with Lacey returning?

Get plugged into Flyleaf’s accounts below so we can find out together!

*Update: We’ve been told by a reliable source that it’s unlikely Lacey’s involved.

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