Music Video: Calvin Cofield & Kimberly Rice-Cofield - I'm Straight

Video: Calvin Cofield & Kimberly Rice-Cofield – I’m Straight

I’m Straight by Calvin Cofield and Kimberly Rice-Cofield is of the most infectious bangers of the year. K-Drama slays the music production creating an uptempo, hard hitting slapper that makes anyone feel like dancing. Kimberly utilizes memorable lines, nice flow and a powerful delivery to finesse a dope verse. Then, Calvin comes in on the second verse and rips it apart with slashing bars, clever metaphors and encouraging lyrics. The super catchy chorus declares that this Detroit based husband and wife and ride for God and God only; they are straight on everything else! Sing, clap and dance along to this incredible display of God-given talent.

The brand new I’m Straight music video is directed by Ray Knowledge of Atlanta, GA. The super fly couple showcases their slick fashion sense and great taste in cars, bringing a taste of the D-Town down to the A-Town. Ray Knowledge captures amazing angles of the Cofields rapping, driving and dancing. The lighting is manipulated to perfection and overall the cinematic value compliments the song extremely well, creating an unforgettable music video experience. Watch it today and share with a friend!

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